Critically analyzing behaviors can be a critical element for the successful development of children with ASD. Behavior and learning data are pieces of information that can be captured, measured, mined and analyzed over time. Furthermore, the members of care teams, such as parents, teachers and para-professionals are particularly motivated to do these activities. Capture and access applications created as a part of a cyclical system of diagnosis and treatment are an interesting and special case wherein, the data captured in the past, once accessed and analyzed, affects the treatment plan and often the data to be captured in the future.

The Technology

CareLog is a mobile capture and access application for recording behavioral data in informal settings. Having 4 cameras and one microphone, CareLog uses buffers of video that are always on and recording but require a teacher to push a remote button to save.

CareLog takes advantage of the experience buffers, a collection of capture services embedded in an environment that do not archive information in and of themselves. Rather, experience buffers save information for a certain period of time set by the users of the system. During the time period that the information is saved in the buffer, applications can request some subset of the buffer’s data. After this time has passed, the information disappears.

The Results

Teachers who conduct Functional Behavior Assessments (FBA) with CareLog capture more complete and accurate data than those using traditional methods.

Trends show significant reduction in workload for teachers using CareLog.

CareLog provides automatic graphing.

Using video allows caregivers repeated analysis of data.

“Every day I see something different, and its starting to make me wonder if there’s lots and lots of different things going on…Which I think is probably the case…so I want to get a little bit more data and then go through and just kind of go over all of it again.”- Special education teacher and CareLog user

CareLog has an extensive record of scientific publications. Click on the following links for the published findings.

CareLog: A Selective Archiving Tool for Behavior Management in Schools– Presented at CHI 2008, Florence, Italy

Tensions in Designing Capture Technologies for an Evidence-Based Care Community– Presented at CHI 2006, Quebec, Canada

Designing Capture Applications to Support the Education of Children with Autism – Presented at UbiComp 2004, Nottingham, UK

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