Our Technologies

Over the last decade, we have developed several tools and interventions based on our extensive research in autism, education, and technology.

All of our products are grounded in sound scientific research. This translational and transformative research brings together theory, empirical evidence, and design principles from human-computer interaction, ubiquitous computing, and assistive and educational technologies. Even as we work with our clients to develop new solutions, our research arm continues to push boundaries in this space through the development of novel technologies and evaluation of their impact in educational, home, and clinical settings.

We also factor economic considerations into our design philosophy.  We build the lowest cost solution possible with off the shelf and open source hardware and software, when feasible, to reduce the extensive drain on resources for schools and families.

CareLog: Video Capture for Functional Behavior Assessment

vSked: Classroom Based Techology for Supporting Communication, Learning, and Reinforcement

VidCoach: Mobile Video Modeling

HygieneHelper: Age appropriate hygiene support for teens and young adults

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