Technology In the Workplace

T.I.W.- Technology In the Workplace 

As children with ASD grow and mature, their needs also change.  We know that some of the most extensive care is needed while making the transition from school to adulthood.  Technological interventions such as computer-mediated communication, video modeling, and socially assistive robots have been shown to support skill building and to help students with autism become more independent and better prepared for adulthood. Our evidence based curriculum developed by researchers at UC Irvine, and the best practices of clinicians, is an intervention using relatively low-cost off-the-shelf technologies to support a person’s transition from school to the workplace.


Our TIW Package includes: instructional assignments, an inclusive reference guide, and a comprehensive curriculum that takes you step by step through the following topics:

  • Device Set Up
  • Calendaring
  • Maps
  • Email
  • Cyber Safety
  • Time Management
  • Task Management
  • Work Etiquette and appropriateness
  • Personal Health
  • Hygiene

Our intervention encourages the adoption and use of mobile devices and applications. With the help of these technologies, both students with autism and job coaches are able to reduce stress and anxiety. The exploratory nature of this product allows students with autism to engage in social interaction and group social learning activities that help build greater confidence for adopting new technologies and greater independence to support daily living challenges and various work transition goals.


Some typical comments of our past participants are:

“I learned how to use these applications and how to stay more organized within the field of work and in regular life… with my friends… how to approach and manage the tasks of what I need to do before my friends can come over for example.” – [student – JM]

“I’m getting a lot more confident…  I’m getting a little more confident with some of the different technology. ” – [student – SN]

If you are looking to use assistive technology in your life skill transition program, TIW may be the solution you are looking for.

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