Assistive Technology Assessment

Our certified assistive technology specialists are available to help you consider which technologies and strategies you, your child, or your student might need and be able to use to improve functioning. We provide formal assistive technology assessments and guidance in the selection and procurement of assistive technologies.

Most people working as assistive technology consultants and performing Assistive Technology Assessments are not technology specialists.  They come from related fields like Speech and Language Pathology or Occupational Therapy. Tiwahe is different in that we specialize in the technology first and use both additional expertise as part of our disciplined team approach to come up with a comprehensive assistive technology evaluation and plan.

Costs for assessments and for the technologies themselves vary based on your needs.  An initial consultation, by phone or in person can help determine your needs and develop a quote for a full assessment.  We are experienced in working with school districts, clinicians, and private in-home situations.

Although every assessment process is individualized, some common elements are included:

  • Interviews with the individual in need of the AT, parents, teachers, and other caregivers
  • Functional assessment of the individual’s needs and abilities in the environment(s) in which the technology will be used
  • Team-based approach, including collaboration with professionals from the individual’s school and/or workplace, as well as with clinicians with whom we regularly work
  • Recommendations based on data about the individual, environment, and tasks
  • Written report to an IEP team or other requesting group with recommendations about the selection, acquisition, and use of the technology
  • Reassessment any time the individual’s needs, environment, or task changes

Contact us anytime to set up your initial consultation.