Assistive Technology Consultants

Our Certified Assistive Technology Specialists provide formal Assistive Technology Assessments for both school districts and private in-home clients.

Further, our firm provides a full range of services for those seeking software and hardware solutions within the autism and education domains.  From planning through production and implementation, our firm has the knowledge and expertise to make your vision a reality.

Design is the accumulation of thousands of different decisions.  These decisions are comprised of the client’s needs and the design team’s knowledge and experience.  Solutions for people affected by autism and other developmental disabilities require extensive expertise in both design and in the specific field of focus.

Tiwahe Technology has unparalleled expertise in the areas of human-computer interaction and ubiquitous computing.  We also have extensive knowledge of the autism and educational domains.  Whether you require an out-of-the-box answer or custom development, we have the necessary tools to implement even the most complex solutions for our clients.

Whether we take your vision from design through implementation, or just act as a trusted counselor, our goal is to help our clients exceed even their own expectations.


Assistive Technology Assessment

Technology In The Workplace (T.I.W.)

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