Assistive Communication Apps

Assistive communication or Alternative and Augmentative Communication (AAC) is an extremely popular category of autism technology apps designed for those on the autism spectrum as well as those with Aspergers.  The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association defines AAC as an area of clinical practice that attempts to compensate (either temporarily or permanently) for the impairment and disability patterns of individuals with severe expressive communication disorders (i.e., the severe impairments in speech-language, reading and writing).

AAC apps allow people to express themselves and thus become more independent.  These apps come in all forms.  They can be low tech (picture cards) or they can be quite high tech (interactive, customizable).  But, whatever the method, the goal is to improve communication.  Like all of our apps for autism reviews, we will try to focus on assistive technology that is both useful and economical.


March 13, 2013

For our newest review of the application Talking Picture Board, please visit our YouTube channel by clicking here.

February 5, 2013

For our latest review of the application Phrase Board Junior, please visit our YouTube channel by clicking here.