Apps For Autism

Whether it’s during an assistive technology assessment or during the course of a normal day, we get asked all the time what we think about new apps for autism and other commercial technologies to support people with disabilities.

In essence, many people believe an assistive tech assessment to be nothing more than an app assessment.  While assistive tech assessments do many more things than just assess apps, it is obvious there is a need for app reviews that are helpful for parents and other caregivers.

We are a ubiquitous computing centered company, so we focus a lot of attention on mobile applications.  We try to present applications for people all along the Autism Spectrum as well as those apps aimed specifically towards those with Aspergers. Some apps are specifically as autism apps, and some will be for anyone, but we have found them useful for people with ASD or other neurological disorders.

We take into consideration a person’s current situation as well as future needs as the user matures and begins to transition into independent living situations and adulthood. We also consider which platform the user is currently using and/or most comfortable with.  For example, some apps may be available through Android but not through Apple’s iOS.

Lastly, we know that for many families and institutions, funding for autism technology is tight. Because of this, we try to identify as many free applications that we find useful.

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